About Us

Starting with a foundation in marketing and internet technology in 1991, Gantzer Group was formed to provide highly strategic, results based technology and marketing expertise to businesses of all sizes. We're guided by a passion for ideas and interaction, and look for ways to push technology and business concepts beyond today to extend the human experience through creativity, quality, and communication.

Gantzer Group operates multiple business units and actively develops new products and business concepts internally. This provides us with a truly unique perspective, one based on real world successes - and failures - and we bring that insight to our clients. Our goal is to simplify business for our clients, developing highly cost effective and usable solutions.

Business Units

Consulting Group

Provides specialized teams to handle strategic marketing, technology, and e-business

Strategic Resources Group

Provides contract and full time resources, including full search services

Products & Services Group

Invests, owns and operates external businesses

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